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An inspiring attraction


The town of Cody is the eastern gateway to Yellowstone National Park. When you drive into town, a red, white and blue flag greets you. Behind that flag, there’s another. And another. And another. And soon you find yourself driving alongside a sea of more than a thousand American flags, all waving proudly in the mountain air.

It is an unexpected and awe-inspiring sight.

The field is many things at once. A point of local pride. An awe-inspiring tourist attraction. And an innovative fundraiser for the Cody Heritage Museum  because every flag on the field represents a donation someone has made to its construction. When the museum opens its doors, people who live in the community – and those just passing through – will have a place to explore a rich legacy of rodeos, cattle and sheep ranches, oil and gas exploration, and artistry.

Want to experience the Field of Honor for yourself? Check out this short film about the community that made it all possible.