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Business Savings

Rather than extra cash sitting idle, we’ll make sure you earn interest on it. And if an unplanned expense comes up, the cash you need is still on hand.

Business PinnSave

Saving money is smart for all businesses, so when you are looking to start saving for your business, PinnSave is a great option. With a low $100 minimum balance, there is no maintenance fee on your account. If your balance does fall under $100, there is only a $1 maintenance fee per month.

This account allows you to have immediate access to your funds when needed up to six per month. There is a $1 fee for each withdrawal in excess of three per month.

  • Features


    Start saving money for your business


    Withdraw cash when there is an immediate need


    FDIC insured

    No fees

    With minimum balance and fewer than three monthly debits

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