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  • Positive Pay

    Most of us have security systems to safeguard our valuables, like our car, our home and even our smart phone and tablet. You can think of our Positive Pay as a security system for your checking account. You get the peace of mind knowing any check that clears your account was issued by you and only you.

    Simply give us a list of checks that you wrote and Positive Pay compares it to the checks coming into your account. If anything doesn’t match, you’re in control of answering the question: “To Pay or Not to Pay?” All you need to do is log into your account by 10 a.m. to view images of suspect checks posted on our secure website.

    Not only can you confirm each check you write, but you can also choose to pre-approve your ACH payments. Check Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay work closely together to limit your exposure to possible fraud.

    You can also customize your user profile to tell us about any employees who can access your Positive Pay service. And if someone leaves, you can simply change your log in and reset your passwords.

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  • Features


    View images of suspect checks on our secure website.


    You’re in control of reviewing and authorizing payments.


    You have the say-so when it comes to the authorized users.


    Email alerts are sent to you every time we flag a check.

  • FAQs

    • Q Is there a limit on the number of checks that can be monitored daily?

      There’s no limit on the number of checks that the Positive Pay service can handle. Simply provide us with information on all the checks you issue, and we will handle the rest.
    • Q Will I need to install any special software?

      You will not need any new equipment or software. All we need is for you to electronically send us your list of checks and we do the rest.
    • Q How can I sign up?

      Stop into your local branch, or contact us online to sign up for Check Positive Pay, ACH Positive Pay, or both.

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