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Business Money Market

The more you save, the more you earn. Not only is the interest rate a little higher than a straight up savings account, you interest rate grows with your balance.

  • Business Money Market

    These accounts are a smart choice for many businesses. Not only do you earn a higher interest rate than with a regular savings account, unlike other types of investments you still have access to your money if you need it immediately. With this account, you can make up to six free debits each month. And there’s no maintenance fee as long as your balance stays above $1,000.

    Earn Interest

    • The interest rate is variable and changes weekly
    • Interest is credited to your account monthly based on the average daily collected balance method
    • For current rates, contact your local branch

    Low Fees

    • $10 maintenance fee per statement cycle if balance falls below $1,000 minimum daily balance
    • $3 per debit fee for more than six debits per statement cycle

    Other Financial Tools for Businesses

    Of course we offer lots of other products and services to meet your business needs, too, like Visa® Business Credit Cards or cash management services. That’s another benefit of choosing an established, local and trustworthy banking partner.

    • Cash management services
    • Free PinnBank for Business: 24-hour online banking
    • PinnPay: Online bill payment service
    • Free PinnDocs: Electronic statement delivery
    • Visa® Business credit cards*
    • Free Visa® Business debit card
    • Business loans and lines of credit*
    • Long-term real estate financing*

    For more information or to sign up, contact your local Pinnacle Bank today.

    *Subject to credit approval

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  • Features


    Earn a higher interest rate than with a traditional savings account


    Withdraw your funds whenever you need them


    Still FDIC insured


    No maintenance fees with minimum balance and fewer than six monthly debits

  • FAQs

    • Q What is a money market account?

      A money market account is like a savings account, but better. Because the restrictions on how your money can be safely invested are a bit less strict than with a savings account, you’ll earn a higher interest rate. And you can access your funds at any time, but you can only make up to six withdrawals in a single statement period.
    • Q How do I take my money out?

      You can make withdrawals in person. You can transfer money to your other accounts online. Use checks, transfers or your debit card to send money to a third party. You can even use your account as overdraft protection for your Pinnacle Bank Business Checking account.
    • Q How often can I make deposits?

      There is no limit to the number of deposits you can make.
    • Q How much interest will I earn?

      The interest rate is variable. While it’s calculated daily, it’s deposited into your account monthly. For current rates, contact your local Pinnacle Bank.