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Swipe and buy just about anything you can imagine. Get global buying power from your homegrown bank.

  • Credit Cards

    We may be your local homegrown bank, but our credit cards give you global buying power. And we will gladly help you decide which credit card is best for you. Both Visa® and Visa® Gold credit cards come with a wide range of benefits - all designed to save you valuable time and money.

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    No matter which card you select, you can use either card to swipe and buy just about anything you can imagine. Enjoy the convenience of sitting at home and shopping online. Contact the Travel Reservation Service to book and pay for exciting excursions.

    The chart below highlights some of the perks for each card. You can also count on our local experts to help you pick the right card for you and walk you step-by-step through the fast application process.

    Valuable Perks VISA® VISA® GOLD
    Travel Reservation Service     ●          ●
    Bonus Travel Dividends     ●          ●
    Auto Rental Discount            ●
    Every Day Conveniences    
    Concierge Services             ●
    Personal Shopper            ●
    Health Care    
    Vision Care Discounts     ●          ●
    Prescription Discounts     ●          ●
    Medical Assistance Services            ●
    Additional Card Benefits    
    Payment Card Registration     ●          ●
    Quarterly Newsletter     ●          ●
    Key Registration     ●          ●
    SCORECARD® Rewards Points            ●
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  • FAQs

    • Q It seems like everyone offers credit cards, what’s sets you apart?

      Our cards come with personal and friendly service. You can actually go into a branch to make a payment. Our unique discounts and competitive interest rates also put cash back in your pocket – where it belongs.
    • Q What’s the difference between the Visa® and the Visa® Gold cards?

      Both cards come with great financial benefits, competitive interest rates and are accepted at thousands of locations around the world. We’re happy to help select the right card for you.