Banks in Thermopolis, Wyoming

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Banks in Thermopolis, Wyoming

Pinnacle Bank isn’t just in Thermopolis, Wyoming, we're a part of Thermopolis, Wyoming. Banking has changed a lot over the years, and while we offer the latest conveniences like online banking, mobile banking, free checking and online home loans, there are some things that haven't changed. Like our commitment to knowing your name, answering our phones and treating our customers as neighbors. So, come visit us in person or online to open an account, apply for a loan, apply for a mortgage or for information on Wyoming mortgage rates.

Pinnacle Bank has 1 locations and 1 ATMs serving all of Thermopolis. Wyoming’s residents. Stop by a branch or call us at 307-864-5555, and we’ll show you why we believe Pinnacle Bank is the best bank in Thermopolis, Wyoming.

Community Facts

  • Population 2,899
  • Est. Median House Value $132,700
  • Thermopolis is well known for its Natural Mineral Hot Springs
  • The Wyoming Dinosaur Center is located in Thermopolis, with over 30 mounted skeletons and a dig site tour offering a rare opportunity to see dinosaurs buried in the ground
  • Live buffalo can be seen roaming the pastures around Thermopolis


Our Wyoming roots go back to the early 1900s with banks throughout agricultural communities. While the name of the bank may have changed throughout the years, our genuine approach has always been the same. In 1972, we became a part of a larger family of local banks started by the Dinsdale family. Brothers Tom and George Dinsdale, along with some friends, opened their first community bank in Palmer, Nebraska. They ran their bank much like they ran their ranches and farms, which helped them earn people’s trust. So it didn’t take long before they were ready to reach out to other towns and states, including Wyoming.

Minnie Miller

Market President

“What she originally thought would be a job without working weekends has turned into a 24/7 career of passion for Minnie. From her time as a teller to working her way up to President, she’s spent the last thirty-plus years doing the right thing.”


The Wyoming Spirit

Here in Wyoming, we live by the spirit of the Wild West. We're the bank that's with you wherever that spirit leads.

Find a bank in Thermopolis, Wyoming near you:

Branch / ATM

125 S 5th

PO Box 1369

Thermopolis, WY 82443-1369


Savings Accounts and Other Services in Thermopolis, Wyoming

From savings accounts, to interest checking accounts, to debit cards, credit cards and service from helpful bankers who know you by name, Pinnacle Bank is anything but banking as usual.

Mortgages and Home Loans in Thermopolis, Wyoming

Whether you’re looking to buy or refinance, you can view mortgage rates in Thermopolis and apply online, or visit one of our branches to start the process. We can help with all types of financial solutions, including VA, FHA, and conventional loans. When it comes to rates, we give our customers the best possible terms right up front. There’s no haggling, just good people here to help make the dream of home ownership yours.

Free Checking in Thermopolis, Wyoming

With no minimum balance and no fees, A Pinnacle Bank free checking account is actually free. Plus, with a long list of features, this is one time when you’ll get far more than you pay for. Learn more.

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